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The new shop

Dear customers: Well the time has come were I have grown my business out of the spot I created in the back of my house.I found a nice spot on Teal ave actually 2121 Teal ave.This is going to be great, we will be able to do Auto glass and take on alot more work. The customers I have ,you all have treated me so well.I will be for ever in your debt.I just wanted to let everyone know about the move and when it is final I will post it and change my website as well.Please bring your windows to the house.

Summer and Spring ????? 2016

Well folks another Spring & Summer is around the corner.We are all looking at our properties and sayingwhat projects will we get done this year.Myself Iam looking to start an addition that I have in planning stages for about two years or more.I have just finished a add on deck for our pool and it looks good.So the next step is too add a set of patio doors off the back of the house,this will lead to our new room that is going into construction as we speak.I had a couple of ideas to go two stories then three,with a basement,but when you start adding everything in and sizes ,it gets a little complicated.

Merry Christmas

         Hi everyone,well another year has just about past.Today is Christmas eve,I thought I would write a post to all and say Merry Christmas.I was just thinking of my father .
  My father has past in 1992,he was in the same type of business,of course that is how I have learned this trade.I remember all the times I use to go with my father on Saturdays to work ,because I was not old enough to work in a shop yet.You had to be 18 years old .
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